Help Keep Our Doors Open!

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Thank you Everyone!

Maria's Taco Xpress, like all restaurants in Austin, faced and are currently facing the most devastating crisis we have ever seen. As a community, we have taken a hit with the closing of so many great businesses, including now Maria's Taco Xpress. 

Maria's was not just a restaurant, but an amazing place that made everyone feel like family. We filled your body with its amazing food and your soul with fun and wonderful moments. I'm encouraging our community to support the new Taco Xpress food truck now that I have closed the doors to the restaurant. 

Currently, the taco truck is parked right in front of the old restaurant. It is filled with Taco Xpress family. The food is being made by the same hands it always has. Please support the future of Taco Xpress and some order a taco! So much love and thanks to all of you and may you all stay safe and healthy. 

Love, your family at Maria's Taco Xpress